Company Policy

Mossy Ridge Design/Build Process

Every company has its own way of doing things. We’ve tried to develop a system that ensures the smoothest and most effective process for us—and especially you.

So here’s what you can expect from the Mossy Ridge Design/Build Process:

We begin every client relationship with a face-to-face meeting in which we’ll discuss your project goals and expectations, as well as budget, and pay a visit to your building site.

Following your decision to work with Mossy Ridge, we’ll review and sign a commitment agreement that initiates the building process. This step also provides the opportunity to set a project timeline and fixed price and to collect the downpayment.

During the next step, the initial project guide is developed into a detailed construction drawing that will serve as the roadmap, so to speak, for the rest of the building process. We’re happy to recommend the very best architects for the job, and for smaller projects, our in-house designers are at your service.

In your contract we’ll outline the full project scope and detail the specifications, as well as all key issues you should be aware of.

Before we actually strike ground (or drywall or concrete), we’ll meet with you at your site to review and discuss any remaining questions before the work starts. We’ll also familiarize you with the Mossy Ridge team and how to communicate with them throughout the work process, as well as review any action you need to take before the work is started.

Throughout this stage, we’ll ensure you have open communication with not only the Mossy Ridge team, but our Project Manager in particular. An integral part of every Mossy Ridge building/design process, the Project Manager will serve as your point of contact and will help keep the lines of communication open so you are aware and prepared for what to expect during this process.

What can you count on from your Mossy Ridge team during this phase of the project? We’ll respect your home. We’ll be timely. We’ll clean up thoroughly after every visit to minimize any disruption, and we carry worker’s compensation and liability insurance for our entire team.

Change is a normal and expected part of the home-building process. Because we anticipate that you may change your mind about certain things as the process moves forward, we implement a change order policy that keeps expectations clearly communicated.

Following every project, we do a walk-through to ensure your satisfaction from top to bottom and to finalize the project’s completion.