Are you experts in “green” building or custom home construction?
We are experts in both. Our experience with both sustainable building practices and customized, high-quality construction makes us equally adept at delivering both to our clients.

What is sustainable building?
Sustainable building is an integrated approach that uses the latest technologies in construction to build hyper-efficient, environmentally sound homes that outperform and outlast those built to conventional standards.

Does sustainable building cost more?
Yes and no. While standard building is cheaper up front, homes built at sustainable building standards have drastically lower energy costs—meaning in the long run, they cost less.

What difference does custom-made make?
A custom-built home is one that is tailored to your needs and tastes, as unique as your own individual style and outfitted with the features and qualities you’ve personally selected—making the difference between a house and a home.

What kinds of renovations do you do?
Mossy Ridge offers historic rehabs, “green” conversions, large-scale additions, kitchen and bathroom remodeling and various home upgrades.

Does my home come with a warranty?
All homes come with a 12-month builder’s warranty.

Can you help us find a lot?
We help clients with everything from picking out a property to selecting the right realtor.

Who selects the subcontractor?
It’s a Mossy Ridge policy to personally choose each contractor for guaranteed quality work. We work with a select group of talented contractors whose standards in building mirror our own, ensuring only the best results for you.