Sustainable Building

Sustainable building is an integrated approach to design and construction that examines every aspect of how a home is put together. It applies the latest technologies in construction practices to create a better built, hyper-efficient home that easily outperforms and outlasts any home built to conventional codes and standards.

How Mossy Ridge Builds a Home:


1. We Start with a Smart Design

Mossy Ridge starts early in the design process to better manage every home’s
impact potential.


2. We Build an Efficient Envelope

We employ specific techniques that greatly reduce the loss of air, thereby increasing a home’s overall efficiency


3. We Improve Indoor Air Quality

Every product that goes into our homes is selected for reduced indoor air pollutants. From air purifies to whole house ventilators, our homes keep the air your family breathes clean and fresh.


4. We Reduce Consumption

Mossy Ridge homes incorporate the latest energy-saving technologies aimed at helping owners reduce demand.


5. We Use Resources Wisely

A well-planned, thoughtfully designed home will lessen its impact on its owners, neighbors, and future generations.